Thursday, December 8, 2016

#01 .. Mooneyes HRCS2016 ..

It really is a clash of cultures. In a good way. Hotrods and Harleys and pinups and rock'n'roll is so American. It’s not strange that people from all over the world flock for such a celebration of American culture in Japan? Maybe it’s because Japan is so good at taking the best of something and making it better.
それは本当の文化の衝突です。いい意味で。だって、ホットロッドやハーレー、ピンナップやロックンロールはとてもアメリカンです。アメリカ文化の祝典のために、世界中の人々がこの日本で集まるのは奇妙なことではありません? 多分、日本は何かの良いものを取って、最大限に極めることがとても上手いからだとおもう。

It’s all about the people you meet. The people you meet make Mooneyes, or any event, the painful love affair of early jetlagged mornings burning into late night beers and drunken discussions about plans and dreams. I love this weekend. And the people who come to it.


イベントの心はそこで会う人はすべてです。そこで出会った人々は、Mooneyes、またはどのイベントも、痛ましい楽しい経験にしてくれるんです。これはジェットラッグに刻まれた早朝から、燃え尽くす深夜のビールの影響で、計画や夢の酔った議論の危険な情事だ。このMooneyes Weekendは大好きです。 そしてそれに参加に来る人々。大好き。



#02: @Kurogane_Madao

@Kurogane_Madao is a motorbike builder. He’s built ONE. Yup that’s right. It’s his. Then he crashed it “testing” it in the snow. So he built it again.

It’s born from a stock Suzuki Savage 650. A beast of a bike in its natural form, but now even more precarious after various additions and subtractions of polished steel and welds that like peanut clusters.


But he knows how HE wants his bike to look, how he WANTS it to function. And that is the spirit of the ‘original builder’. Its love for the work and love for the result.


With his company ‘manifesto’ hand-written and pinned to the back wall, he’s ready and waiting for your order.